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A blink in time

A blink in time
yet part of the cosmological whole
we spin here on this sphere,
a speck of dust within the vastness.

We fight, we strive,
we love, we hate
and all the while
the cosmos turns.
Great yugas* of time
revealed in the scientist’s telescope.
A multitude of pasts and presents
existing simultaneously.

Here in this earthly now
we have our beingness.
Are we responsible for the whole
or are we here to play our part?
To do what we can where we can
before our day is done.

First image from James Webb telescope – (credit: Nasa)

*A yuga, in Hinduism, is generally used to indicate an age of time.[1][2]

In the Rigveda, a yuga refers to generations, a long period, a very brief period, or a yoke (joining of two things).[3] In the Mahabharata, the words yuga and kalpa (a day of Brahma) are used interchangeably to describe the cycle of creation and destruction.



I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

11 thoughts on “A blink in time

  1. In universal time we humans are but a fragment of space, we are a small piece of here and now. What matters is how we choose to use our limited time on this plane of existence.

    A piece of poetry to pander…

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  2. The title of this is an apt metaphor for the paradoxes of eternity and collapse. The view from Webb is that many ages resonate in the same echo, emitting a frozen light. Great response to the challenge.


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