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Frog songs

I’m busy this week so my poem in response to this week’s Earthweal challenge – ‘witness to a magnitude’ – is, perversely perhaps, a simple one –

Reflections in the wetlands

A sense of dread
watching the News
then overwhelm –
the end of days is upon us

here, there and everywhere
chaos, mayhem, even madness.
I look closer to home –
people falling apart and

others struggling on,
coping as best they can,
holding up the frail,
guiding those slipping behind.

Alone in my little house
I do a Marie Kondo.
Discarding old outworn things
I open a space for the new.

Going for a walk
I find a moment’s solace,
the breeze in the treetops,
the birds singing and the frogs

bopping in the mud
in unison, a kind of frog song
plays at the wetlands –
pobblebonk, pobblebonk.

With a frog as a totem
cleansing, clearing the mind,
freeing the heart of darkness,
the dance of life goes on.

Youtube video of the Banjo Frogs calling (pobblebonk frogs) by Wild Ambiance – the main bird calls you can hear in the video are the Australian magpie

Youtube video by Wild Ambiance

Where I often sit at the wetlands


I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

24 thoughts on “Frog songs

  1. Those frogs are well-named. It’s good to know they’re still there, singing away. And the birds too. I find the sound of birds singing around my place reassuring. At least some creatures can co-exist with us humans.

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    1. Yes, absolutely. The nature reserve is a good place. There are wallabies there too but they are very shy and hard to photograph. The whole place is fenced so dogs and cats can’t get in.

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  2. Thank HEAVEN for frog songs! Thank you for the beautiful poem, photo and video. Glorious. You live in loveliness.


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