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Today – a haibun

Today in the supermarket, masked and santitized, I pushed the trolley up and down the aisles grabbing what I needed. People around me did the same. Not many made eye contact except for an old lady looking for a friend. ‘Hullo Lesley,’ she said from behind her mask.

‘I’m not Lesley,’ I said. ‘I’m Suzanne.’

‘You’ve got a double,’ she said, ‘but then it’s hard to be sure when we’re all in masks.’ Her rheumy eyes looked tired – confused.

At the check out the cashier said, ‘I’m starting to feel too scared to come to work.’

Omicron surges
no one knowing what to do
conversations falter.

Pandemic – oil on canvas – 2021



I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

20 thoughts on “Today – a haibun

  1. You’ve well captured the surreal aspect to it all. I agree: if everyone who was able to be vaccinated had done so, we would not be experiencing more and more of the same. Polio mostly disappeared after everyone got vaccinated–I remember the fear that was everywhere before we lined up for our sugar cubes. Children regularly died of measles and whooping cough before vaccinations existed. In the meantime, our governments are no help at all…(K)

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  2. Clearly, though, after reading the back & forth commentary following this outstanding haibun, I have to conclude that the haiku’s 3rd line is incorrect: conversations DON’T falter. I just wish we had something else to occupy our attention / interactions.
    Great work, Lesley…I mean, um, Suzanne!

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  3. Poignant and well written. I think that many know in their hearts that things aren’t right. And that this is much more than about our health. I wish more people would take off their masks and breath as God intended us to. 🙏

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    1. Not so sure about taking the masks off here in Victoria right now. I don’t wear them in the bush but I’m happy to put one on in the supermarket. I don’t know what you mean by the rest of your comment. I don’t share your anti vax, covid is a hoax viewpoint.

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      1. I’m not anti vax by any means Suzanne and I never said Covid was a hoax. But I do wonder, if you’ve been double vaxed why do you still need to wear a mask?


        1. Sorry i mis judged you. I thought you left your job because of not wanting to get a vaccination and thought you wrote a blog post about covid being a hoax some time ago. Apologies if I mixed you up with some one else, Masks are required in supermarkets in Victoria at present. Personally I am in a risk category so I act with caution. I’d rather not die of covid or get severe illness .

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          1. I respect your decision Suzanne and I do understand. I do believe that Covid is real, just as a flu is real, however I also believe that the measures that have been taken by the government over the last 18 months have been out of proportion and largely about control. And not about health. And the fear mongering has been 24/7. If people turned off their tvs would Covid disappear I wonder. So no, you haven’t mistaken me for someone else. I left my job because we were ready to move on. We all have choice and we all have our viewpoints. I do wish you all the best.


          2. I agree about the fear and mismanagement. My son takes a similar stance to you regarding vaccines . It is a fraught issue and of course you can make your own choice. I think covid will end when most of the world’s population is vaccinated so I we are seeing things very differently here.
            Enjoy your travels in WA. The case numbers there are very different to what’s happening here. The current high cases numbers here, the confusing messages, the shortage of test kits and booster shots are stressing many of us out. Me included so I apologise for misunderstanding your position. I’m a bit triggered at present

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          3. It definitely is a fraught issue and one not helped by all the confusing and inconsistent messages we received from the media. There’s no need for apologies Suzanne. It’s surreal times wherever we are but at the end of the day we all believe what we believe and we all do what’s right for us and our loved ones. Take care. 🙏

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  4. Yes, that’s it. There’s so much confusion now, with health authorities and politicians making announcements, and individuals not sure what’s okay and what isn’t. You’ve captured it well in both words and image!

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