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The Stone Pines

Two Weeks of Trees – Day 6

Earlier this week Manja Mexi linked a post she’d created about some Australian Eucalypts growing in her region of Italy. Today I’m writing about some Italian trees growing in my region of South Eastern Australia. I’ve posted a link to Manja’s post below and will add a full list of all the beautiful tree posts people have linked to this theme in tomorrow’s post. Thank you all for joining in. I’m enjoying reading about the trees in your part of the world and seeing how they inspire you to create.


There are some wonderful old Italian Stone Pines growing on the foreshore in the old town of Queenscliff at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay – the Victorian State capital of Melbourne is situated some 100k away at the top of the bay.

Queenscliff has been a popular tourist destination for the people of Melbourne since the 19th century. Back then people would take a two hour paddle steamer journey to reach the hilly shores. They would then holiday in one of the many exclusive hotels and houses in the town. Many of these still stand today. Framed by the Stone Pines the old hotels (now mostly apartment buildings) give a sense of bygone days when elegant ladies and gentlemen would have disembarked from the steamer to promenade around the gardens.

The Stone Pines were once part of a Botanical Gardens designed by Eugene von Mueller, Victoria’s first government botanist. There is now little evidence of the gardens. The remaining pines add a sculptural element to foreshore reserve.

These days the pines are feeling their age. Some are in poor health and others have had to be removed because they were dropping branches. A big trunk has been left lying on the ground. I was able to get close and examine the patterned bark.

The markings look like some kind of script we have yet to translate into human languages.

Wouldn’t it be great if we learnt how to read the text.


I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

3 thoughts on “The Stone Pines

  1. Ahh, thank you for your pines, and for the link to my eucalypts. When you said you had some Italian trees there, I assumed it would be pines. 🙂 I love them! The view of the blue sky among its branches is a favourite colour palette. Your photos have such a nostalgic character. Many of Italy’s pines (and structures) are also far from their best days. Your bark photo is fascinating and indeed makes one wish to know how to read.

    My post for today is not one of mine but rather one that I encountered yesterday. It floored me and left me speechless. Have a look. Ms. Rambling Ranger knows her trees:


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