Active Hope

Thinking back to what motivated me to write the post on fear earlier this week I see it as hitting a personal rock bottom – the nadir of my being. I’ve been actively seeking to climb out of that pit since. On a practical level I’ve set the ball rolling on some difficult issues that have been keeping me stuck – including getting that plumber to come and sort out the blocked drains behind the house. He came yesterday and cleared the blockage quickly and easily.

Clearing the mental blocks is harder. It’s so easy to give up hope these days when the news is unrelentingly unpleasant and people are so polarized. The news on climate change is frightening and I have absolutely no faith in the Glasgow Climate Summit achieving very much at all.

To find my own way forward in these difficult times I am looking beyond mainstream ideas and solutions. Here’s an interesting video about Active Hope by the Deep Ecologist, Joanna Macy.

6 thoughts on “Active Hope

  1. Thanks Suzanne. What a profound video that I felt to my core. Compassion and wisdom, incite into both our inner and outer worlds, it’s all needed in our life and our nonsensical world today. Thanks for sharing this empowering message, I so needed it today. πŸ™

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