The Paps of Danu

This morning I read Brendan’s beautiful poem written to his own challenge
It reminded me of the The Paps of Danu -two hills in County Kerry, Ireland that can be seen from the mountain where one of my daughter’s lived for many years. Inspired, I wrote the poem posted below. I have posted a few photos of mystical Ireland too.
(Danu, is the ancient Mother Goddess of Ireland and the Tuatha de Danaan are her children).

The Paps of Danu as seen from my daughter’s old farmhouse.

Drinking at the mother’s breast
pure silvered light
as nectar sweet as morning
at the Earth’s first dawning.

Deep underground the children of Danu,
the Tuatha de Danaan carousing.
An unholy racket some say.
following the dreaming paths
into the rainbow crystal caverns,
marvel at the light beings resplendent,
raiments of silver and Sirian blue shimmering,
the Shining Ones of myth of legend
singing to us now –

Wake up, wake up Earth children
Your mother needs you
Come to her aid,
Protect her.

A mountain track near the Paps
Mountains in The Ring of Kerry, west Ireland
The Western Isles, County Kerry

13 thoughts on “The Paps of Danu

  1. How beautiful Suzanne — such a womb of memory and shining truth. Those places — thought of them too — are like diamonds in the soul. Light from them can nourish and heal. Thanks so for sharing again at earthweal. (PS I’ve never been close to Ireland yet reside deeply there in the leys of my reading … Which is more real, I wonder.)

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