16 thoughts on “Pic and Word Challenge – Construct

      1. 10.30pm PDT – just finished formatting it for Smashwords. (that’s most of the heavy lifting done for the kindle version too) I’m going to do a one-more-time check tomorrow and then it’s PUBLISH time!!! … Then it’s the ebook and print version on Amazon … probably (if I don’t find any absolute clangers tomorrow) have that done by the end of the weekend 😀 … and then … it’s off to the races for book 2! 😀

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  1. That is exquisite.

    I am awed by the casual creativity some people possess. Working in the film industry is a constant reminder of just how natural the act of creation is for some of us. How there is an economy of effort necessary to create original works of uncommon beauty and insight.

    Your collage reminds me of decorating blocks of foam fake books for the film Warcraft. We spent weeks preparing hundreds of these blocks for a magical fantasy-genre library, so we had lots of bling and materials to play with. One woman was producing them at a rate at least twice as fast as the rest of us (perhaps three times faster than me) and with a simple elegance and beauty none of us could match, making every block a unique bit of art.

    I suppose my medium is words. Members of my writer’s critique group are constantly stunned that nearly all the poems I write require just 15 or 20 minutes to compose. I, on the other hand, am often stunned that the poems get such a positive response, especially from a group including so many writers I am myself in awe of. “It’s just something I knocked off in a few minutes while looking at a photograph.”

    Sound familiar? 😉

    The colour, framing and textures of your collage are so very beautifully brought together. Lovely.

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    1. Thanks for such an insightful comment Patrick. I like the idea of making fake foam books for a fantasy library. I’d be into that activity too.
      It’s funny. I often find casual creative expression is easier than the stuff I sit down and labour over.
      Looking at your work I agree about your gift for poetry but think you also have a real gift for the cinematic image too. 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words on my collage – it was fun to make.


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