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Lockdown No.5

We’re in lockdown again here in Victoria, Australia as our State Government tries to stop the spread of the Delta variant.

My world framed by a window.
Lockdown again
deja vu
an enclosing,
my thoughts
the gap between the trees

prompt: Frame ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #279 – Pix to Words


I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

16 thoughts on “Lockdown No.5

  1. Lockdowns will mean nothing unless they get everyone who can be vaccinated. That would be enough to protect the ones who can’t. I’m so sorry….
    I do like your mirrored photo. (K)

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    1. Thanks Kerfe. Yes vaccination is the answer but with 12% fully vaccinated here and a bungled rollout that will take a while. Also the ant vax, anti mask movement is big here. Currently we have closed state borders and mandatory check ins wherever we go. Plus masks. Looks like those measures will be around a while tho lockdown is still due to end on Tuesday night. And yes I’m one of the 12%.

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      1. The anti Vax movement is so strange. You can bet those people are taking all kinds of other medications, and also smoking and drinking alcohol and doing recreational drugs as well. I hate to wish ill on people, but at least most of the people dying here now are unvaccinated Trump supporters. Unfortunately they are taking immunocompromised people down with them. And causing breakthrough infections which may not be fatal but are serious illnesses nevertheless.


        1. All true. The anti vax movement has infiltrated the migrant refuge communities here and also the new age movement. I have family members and old friends who are buying into it. They won’t listen to reason but instead spend hours down the Youtube rabbit hole. We’re getting violent anti mask/anti vax protests here now as well. I wonder where this is all tking us. The laws are getting more draconian every day.

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  2. Yep Suzanne … another damn lockdown …

    Up and Down

    Wake up
    Stroll up
    Walk down

    Pent up
    Shut up
    Sit down

    Numb foot
    Stay put
    Crazy frown

    Light on
    Telly on
    Food down

    Blanket on
    Music on
    Computer down

    Book open
    Spirit’s hoping
    Eyes down

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  3. Very cool photo.

    A great interpretation of the challenge with both photo and words, and a wonderful pairing of image and word to boot. A+ all around.

    Love particularly the use of “crystallizing” with an image which itself shares features with the crystalline.


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