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The light floods in

Ingrid Wilson, a contributor to the Earthweal poetry challenges has created an anthology The Anthropocene Hymnal. She says the Hymnal is a collection of ‘Poetry which does not compromise. Poetry which looks Big Money in the eye and says, ‘you are to blame.’ Poetry which is not afraid to be shot down or burned. Poetry which can rise from the ashes of censorship and ignorance and be heard even louder because of the attempts to silence it. As soon as people start to listen, such attempts will be made. And these will be the clues that we are writing the right kind of poetry. Keep going!’

In celebration of its publication Brendan of Earthweal asks us to write a poem of the Anthropocene which does not compromise. A Poetry That Does Not Compromise (The Anthropocene Hymnal)

I cannot save the world.
The burden is too great.
It weighs me down.
The darkness is so intense.
when I look at the chaos
I falter and lose heart.

Shifting my focus
I come alive to the world.
The morning sun pours down
golden across the town.
Behind the houses
storm clouds gather,
indigo and heavy with rain.
A blackbird sings.

I drink in the golden light
as I walk into the storm.
I hold it in my heart
and keep going
into the dynamism.
Here at the transition

old certainties are swept away
in fires and floods, storms and sickness.
Who knows how much will die
but who knows what will be reborn?
There is nowhere to go but on.

In the collapse of the old
a space emerges –
the light floods in.


I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

17 thoughts on “The light floods in

  1. I’m much on board with you, Suzanne. The damage is certain and unavoidable, but its not much of a singing hat. For me, carrying forward what light we can still find is the bigger work for poets. If we can’t get the flatbrained to vaccinate, how could we presume to change their minds about taking action on something whose impact will be minimal and take decades, even centuries to take effect? Maybe loving the light in times like this is the more convincing argument for sustainability. – b

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  2. Beautiful poem Suzanne – I completely resonate with your words. the only way is through – let may the light flood in.
    On a side note, I have been keeping a list of joyous actions – noting those moments of interaction with the physical world that are zinging alive with life – kind of as a road map to see me through on those days where the world turns to sludge and one foot in front of the other seems an enormous task. It is a newish endeavour.

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  3. I resonate completely with this poem. I feel it every day – the enormity of what needs to happen and isnt happening……….I remember what a friend whose entire life has been that of an activist, once said to me. “Mother earth feels your pain. Let her feel your joy too.” It is hard to find joy at the moment, but I do always feel gratitude and awe at how beautiful and bountiful nature is, in spite of us. You are right, all we can do is go on. Doing what we can, putting as much positive action into the world as possible where we are. Great poem, I am especially glad of the light flowing in at the end.


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