Hunting Worms

Outside my window a crow in a tree is making a ruckus pushing a twig to and fro. When it breaks off the bird holds it aloft in its beak and eyes it critically.

Not satisfied the crow drops the twig and goes through the process again. This time the stick meets with approval. Fluttering to the ground the crow struts around with the stick in its beak. The worm hunt is on.

The clever crow
creates the perfect tool
– I am humbled


Jane Goodall: On Hope | earthweal
For your challenge: let’s contemplate the world around us, in our various places on the planet.

21 thoughts on “Hunting Worms

  1. Sherry Marr

    Does he carry the worm on its twig back to his nest? That seems very clever, but I do know crows and ravens are very smart. Tests by scientists show they can figure out all kinds of ways to deal with mazes, and releasing food from complicated set-ups where they have to use tools to get the food. I am in awe of just how smart they are. I loved this poem. I always love poems about birds.

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    1. Thanks Sherry. I haven’t seen the crow with a worm on the stick. The crow i wrote about lives in a tree next door and often gets twigs from a tree outside my kitchen window.


  2. That is clever much like the chimpanzees who found a tool. I read they make decoy nests to lure predators away from their real nest. That is a pretty amazing things to do as it takes some time to build a nest.

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  3. It was such a surprise to us dumb humans to find that culture and tool making are not an exclusive trait of homo sapiens. Crows are devilishly smart, chimps and gorillas have developed cultures and cuttlefish are amazing. We all should be humbled. – Brendan

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    1. Thanks Brendan. This crow creates tools from twigs quite often in the tree outside my kitchen window. The first time I saw it doing that I felt I’d stepped into a Discovery channel TV show. πŸ™‚


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