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The cauldron

Into the cauldron of desire the town witch dropped a touch of magic, a modicum of hope and a dollop of love.

“It needs something more,” she muttered as she tasted the brew. “A generous dash of spice should do it and maybe a splash of hot sauce.” The flames around the cauldron leapt high when she added the new ingredients.

“Still not right,” she fussed as the mixture bubbled and spluttered. “It needs a teaspoon of sugar of course and pinch a salt but still there’s something missing.”

Studying the shelf where her ingredients were neatly arranged in labelled jars she let intuition guide her. Outside her room she could hear the people of the town clamouring for answers. Their world was in chaos and they were counting on her to put it right. She had to get a move on. Soon they’d be banging on her door and their noise would destroy the magic.

Taking the jars she’d selected back to cauldron she poured in a tablespoon of scientific curiosity and a healthy dose of realism. The mixture responded by thickening and changing hue. Into the glorious sea green liquid she scattered a few grains of angel dust. This was her most precious ingredient and her handled it with great care.

“Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra ” she intoned as she stirred the potion. Immediately the brew cleared and flowed like nectar from her spoon. Lifting the cauldron off the heat she poured the mixture into the town’s water supply.

“I should get some peace and quiet now, she thought.

Prompt: Here is your word for Thursday, 1 July 2021  β€”  CAULDRON. Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word! 


I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

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