Searching for Continuity

I had fun doing this challenge-

You can choose any or several or all of the following to interpret them in your photos:






CONTINUITY – this is a word I’ve been using a lot lately. I’m working on the 2nd draft of a novel. I’m finding the 1st draft has big gaps in continuity. I’m also finding writing very hard work at the moment. There are times when I just cannot think of the words that would create continuity in my novel so I simply write the word ‘Continuity’ on the manuscript hoping that at some stage in the future I’ll be able to figure out how to bridge the gaps.

. (The photo is of a walkway that is being constructed at a local beach to create continuity between the walking track and the beach beyond.)
INWARD – seeking continuity in writing (and sometimes in life during these disjointed, chaotic times) I often feel I am looking through a dark passage way to an empty interior space.
PEDESTRIAN – this shoreline pedestrian looks like to me like she’s looking for some of that elusive continuity. Then again maybe she’s just REFLECTING
STRONGHOLD – Maybe in the end the continuity is found in things built with ingenuity and perseverance. This old mill dates from the early days of white settlement in this part of Oz and was built entirely without nails. The man who constructed it made four huge wooden frames which were held together with wooden pegs. Each one was laid out on the ground and hoisted up into position then stone walls were constructed around them. Now there’s continuity in action!

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