This week’s Earthweal prompt takes me full circle back to where this blog began. My first post here was about encountering a mother and baby koala in the bush one winter’s afternoon –

My experience with the koalas was one of those key moments that come back to mind from time to time and reveal still further layers of meaning. I wrote a poem about it in response to Brendan’s prompt:-

What are animals looking for? What are they seeing? That’s the essence of this week’s challenge, THE ANIMAL GAZE. Tell us of your encounters with that gaze. What do we share with that gaze, how do we differ? How can we understand it, considered in the marbled and congealed in masses of neurocortical fibers and dense clusters of culture and language and all-too-habitual mastery? And what does that gaze read in us?”

Remembering luminous koala eyes,
brown and full of forest,
gazing into mine –
pulling me into their world
– the dream of the Earth.
The knowing we were tree beings once.
We understood the warp and weft
of branches against the sky,
the rhythm and the song of it.

We knew the strength of anchoring.
The pull of earth energies
rooting us to the planet
while branches
as threads of energy,
silver in the moonlight,
reach up towards the stars
-human/non human beingness

4 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. You do a great job of feeling your way into that gaze, “brown and full of forest.” The reader slows with you into “tree time,” “the rhythm and song of it.” A long, lingering and so satisfying gaze. Well done, Suzanne. – Brendan

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  2. It must have been a memorable encounter! I like the way you examine our connection with nature here: I think we are far more natural and animal than we care to admit, but it would do us good if we did!

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