The Uncertainty Principle

Such a strange December here on the southern coast. Days as grey as winter with a wind that bites like ice. Get over the mountains and it’s the blazing Aussie summer sun and bushfires burning out of control. Here, though, La Nina rules the weather. Cronus however, seems to be sleeping on the job. Time is as fluid as it has been all year – rushing sometimes then stuck, for weeks, barely moving.

Late yesterday while pulling the garbage bin out to the kerb the wind hit me as I turned down the unpaved track beside the house. Across the road I saw a lone man walking a small dog across the football oval – just as, whenever I’ve looked that way all year, there’s been some solitary figure walking a dog, kicking a ball or, more often than you’d expect, standing stock still as if rendered immobile by the shock of it all. Pulling the bin past the puddles from another day of rain I wonder, yet again, just which month is this?

Every evening now, a curious absence – an emptiness hanging, pervasive and persistent, as if something more is ending that just this interminable year. I’ve heard it said this is the shift of the ages. The Piscean Age is dying. Jupiter and Saturn aligning at 0 degrees Aquarius at the solstice implies some kind of new beginning.

Utterly uncertain,
waiting in the interstices,
my old maps – useless.

Prompt: this week’s challenge, go into whatever mood the Advent season inspires in you and write a poem of it.”

26 thoughts on “The Uncertainty Principle

  1. This is tremendous and so fitting! You have captured the moment and these momentous times so well. I am certain we are indeed entering a new age, and isn’t it incredible that the great conjunction this time is at 0 degrees Aquarius, auguring in, at the very least, a two hundred year age of air signs, as opposed to the oppressive and over materialistic earth age which is about to end. I pray we will see the return of light, hope and peace — and truth. As an astrologer myself I have bee waiting for this, perhaps all my life, so a lot is riding on it!f So whether this is the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius, I don’t know, although the phrase does sound a bit too ‘New Age’ for me! Well done.

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    1. Absolutely. It’s great to talk to an astrologer. I spend a lot of time studying the subject. Like you I’m not keen on the Age of Aquarius tag but things are shifting. It will be interesting to see how the Aquarian energy is expressed. Thank you very much for the reblog.


      1. No problem, my pleasure. I agree, significant change is occurring. We must be hopeful and work tirelessly for true freedom, in my opinion; freedom of thought and ideas… very Aquarian and of the air element.


  2. You convey a sense of bewilderment, of being stuck in some kind of limbo, so well here, Suzanne. I think most people will have felt this at varying degrees throughout this year. I remember when it all started, daring to venture to the (garbage) bins at the far end of the road just to see a but more of the world – and it was as if the whole world had frozen.

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      1. Ok. I think I remember from my days of doing astrology, Saturn imposes some limitations – not that it’s necessarily a bad thing! See how, for instance, nature bounced back once people were confined to their/our homes? Pollution dropped significantly, etc.

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      2. Saturn in Aquarius could be about more group endeavours and working together for the good of all . Humanitarian awareness could increase. Negative manifestationscould be more technological controls over society – the group energy could be used to make people conform ‘for the good of the society’ – maybe more electronic tracking of people because of covid is a possibility that is already starting to happen in some countries.
        Overall though the energy should be lighter and more airy .


  3. I love the detailing in that middle paragraph – I’m sure it’s true, but it’s also a great metaphor for social distancing, anomie and isolation. Your haiku is splendid. It does feel as if we are all waiting for some great change to happen.

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  5. Very articulate compassing of the time and moment, place and locale, where weather forbodes climate and tomorrow is the gap between two gas giant planets … The sense of uncertainty and trepidation is in a turning moment, end of year and age, very Advent for the quiet wonder and expectation underlying all. Well done – B

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  6. Whenever I read your work, Suzanne, I feel like I’m in another world, your descriptions are so vivid. Your weather is exaggerated; where we have little weather systems, often different in villages only miles apart, you have huge dramatic weather systems, with wide-ranging differences. No mountains here in Norfolk – no hills to speak of either! I do, however, know what you mean by time being stuck and the emptiness of evening. Your haiku is, as Sarah said, spelndid!

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