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Who cares?

I’m overwhelmed by the world
and its injustices,
I’m exhausted by the indifference
of those in power to suffering.

I don’t have the energy
to analyze the system anymore
or even to hope that if we tweak it
everything will be okay.

My heart aches for the poor,
the refugees, the homeless,
the disabled, the abused, the bushfire victims,
the millions at risk of dying
for lack of adequate medical care,
the senseless deaths of blacks
in custody – in Australia 437 since
1991 and not one cop charged.

The system is corrupt.
The politicians talk BS.
No real actions are taken
to rectify injustices.
It’s all about money, power, control.
It’s all about exploitation.

What of the rights of trees,
of rivers,
of elephants
and koalas?

A paradigm shift is needed.
Compassion, nurturance,
a sense of community,
a feeling of belonging.
One Earth. One people.
Unity in Diversity.

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I'm an artist and a writer living by the coast in southern Oz.

29 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. Hello Suzanne. Thank you for the follow and leading me back here to you and your powerful words. I too feel the despair, the confusion of these times and the fear of what we are doing to our world.

    I don’t have answers so, like you, I write it out and paint it out and create as much compassion and beauty in my sphere of influence as I can in the hope that the ripple effect will create even more cirles of compassion and beauty until the whole world is joined in one huge, unified circle of compassion, beauty and Love. One world. One people. One Love.

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  2. One earth. One people. Unity in Diversity. …Yes please – we can and will do it. And when we get overwhelmed, and we all get overwhelmed, we are here to hear each other – to bang the drum for each other when days are just too much. xx

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  3. I don’t engage with the ‘mainstream world’ much anymore. I have no illusions about it’s suicidal intent. Instead, I talk to the shadow places, where the quiet rivers of energy flow and by-pass the islands of insanity, seeking others of like-mind.

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    1. Sounds like you have found a good place. I go in and out of such places. Sometimes stuff happens in the outer world that upsets me. The poem came from such a place. Shit happens . I am finding ways to process it now.

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  4. Here’s to the paradigm shift–the most powerful thing that you control!! And you model it so beautifully in that last stanza. We are powerful. When we begin to wake up and use our imaginations to create anew, oh, what a world we will create!

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  5. I’ve been circling in and out of despair too. Every time I hear our president’s voice I tense up in anger and disbelief. But I can’t give up. I don’t know what to do, but something has to change, and soon. (K)

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  6. Our children and younger people are our hope. We can only address what we can and try and teach them to be better people. We as humans need to changed some of the laws that put those who pretend to be leaders in the same league as those they unwittingly or knowingly oppress.

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    1. Yes to all of that but I think we can’t just leave it to the children. We have show them some guidance and support them in as they walk into a complex and difficult future.

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      1. Our children have followed uncle and Dad into the volunteer fire service. One became made it their profession (continuing to volunteer as well)… Now to teach the grands to follow too… In what ever way to be kind and helpful.

        The future made even more complex by things we can’t see…

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  7. Your poem describes me, overwhelmed and exhausted by it all. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was shocked at the lack of freedom – now all I want to do is hide away. My heart aches at inequality and injustice, and angry at political corruption. I feel disempowered and hopeless, while longing for all the things in the final stanza.

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  8. I hear you, Suzanne.

    i worry that our whole sense of community, truth, justice – all that good, important stuff – is being fatally eroded, along with our planet. Here in the UK we are starting to accept that politicians just lie willy-nilly, and that corruption is part of it. Once you accept that, how do you ever make change.

    Bang that drum!

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  9. We are in the same space this week, Suzanne. Your poem speaks truth. I especially love your closing stanza. We need the shift to happen now. Perhaps it is – there is change in the air with so many people marching everywhere. May they all vote, too. Let’s keep banging our drums and penning our poems. It is what we can do.


    1. I’m even over voting as a bringer of change right now. Over here in Victoria Australia we currently have a bizarre situation unfolding where 3,000 disadvantaged people living in public housing are being kept under police guard while they are checked for Covid 19. The State Government was once upon a time a left wing political party but are now right of centre. Their rationale for their action is that there are 50 cases of Covid in the tower blocks where these people live and that if the buildings are like ‘vertical cruise ships’. Many of the people are refugees with English as a second language. Many are living with disability. The hard lockdown happened so quickly many had no time to shop or get the medications they need. Charities are working non stop to provide food for the people, many of whom are Muslim and have special dietary requirements. Many of the people don’t speak much English. Some have big families – 11 people in 3 rooms etc. Many are very frightened.
      We need more than marches – we need compassion. Drumming is a good idea though. I am so overwrought right now. I will spend some time playing my medicine drum. It’s been too long since I did a good drum. Thanks for your comment. Writing does seem to be growing in power in again though I feel my poetry is still very raw – maybe it needs to be right now.

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      1. I dont think we can avoid raw, given the lack of compassion and the ascendance of the far right everywhere. Drumming will be good.

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        1. It’s so cold here today my drum was flat. I tried warming it up and the skin got too taut! I hope I haven’t wrecked it. I’ve gone back to journaling. I keep thinking that maybe these feelings of defeat are part of the process and that there’s something important to learn from this time. I just can’t quite grasp it yet but feel like I’m getting closer.


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