The Tiny Door

There is a door,
a tiny door,
just left of centre.

It’s opening now,
a crack in the wall
of what went before.

Some say the door is too small
and too easy to ignore.
The authorities shout and roar.
They push and shove,
impose more rules,
demand conformity
yet all the while,
that tiny door
opens wider.
It’s easier now to see the new terrain.


Beyond the door there’s time to think. It’s okay to to be alone though communities, in the world beyond the tiny door, welcome minority groups and refugees, the elderly, the disabled and the poor. It’s greener too beyond the door. Community gardens thrive on vacant lots. Surplus food is given away to those in need. There’s less traffic on the roads. Many work from home and local manufacturing is growing. People laid off in the virus crisis build social housing, restore degraded environments, make safe bike paths in cities. Schools put the wellbeing of students and teachers first. Education is tailored to individual needs. Classes sizes are smaller and there’s more options to choose from – home schooling, more teaching of practical skills, online learning. even international link ups.


“Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.

We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it.” – Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’ |

33 thoughts on “The Tiny Door

    1. Thanks Sherry. The Rundhati Roy quote was on the d’verse prompt. I did post a video of Roy reading some of her essay on this blog a few weeks ago. The post is titled ‘The virus is a portsl’ from memory – something like that anyway. 😀


  1. Thank goodness for the tiny door! We all need time to think. I love community gardens, local manufacturing and schools that put the well-being of students and teachers first, where education is tailored to individual needs. The door must be left of centre – it wouldn’t happen on the right! I love the phrase ‘a crack in the wall / of what went before’.

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  2. Beverly Crawford

    Thank you for presenting the positives of this difficult time in history. In its sadness, it has been a wellspring of innovative and creative approaches. We need to dwell on that.

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