A new day dawning

photo and prompt: https://scvincent.com/2020/04/02/thursday-photo-prompt-together-writephoto/

Slipping inside the golden light of dawn the woman entered meditation.

In that clear space the golden light became a nectar that nourished her on a deep soul level.

so much fear and confusion in the world and within herself – so many voices offering opinions and talking of ways to negotiate this difficult passage –

She let the golden light dissolve it all. She let go of the tension she was carrying in her neck and shoulders. She let the knot in her stomach unravel.

Breathing in the golden light she let it travel to those dark, hidden parts of self – those deep survival fears about whether she’d have enough resources to sustain her and whether she would even make it through this strange time. As the light penetrated this abyss she saw that current events were triggering ancient fears that were imprinted on her DNA – catastrophic events that her grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother had experienced. She did not dwell on the exact nature of those events. It was enough to know they were unconsciously operating in her psyche and adding to the fear she felt.

Breathing out she let the light saturate them. Slowly they began to dissipate.

She saw then that words and images of the impact of Covid-19 had gathered together in massed shades of grey, black and murky brown in the caverns of her mind. These she could not dissolve – they were part of her outer reality. All she could do was let the light flood over them and lovingly hold the grief and shock.

Unbidden, tears slid down her face. Whatever happened next, the world would not be same. This thing was far from over. Across the globe people were locked in their homes – pity help those who had no place to call home – all were isolated in their private realities yet all were united against a common threat. Some still spoke of hate and separation. Some still clung to old values and ways of being but many were were beginning to question these. No one knew how or when this unprecedented time would end or how the world would look then.

Realizing she’d been swept up in a wave of thought the woman returned to focusing on her breath and the warmth of the rising sun. Her thoughts abated and for an immeasurable space she entered no-time, no-breath, no-thought.

When she returned to consciousness the words
were emblazoned across her mind.

The dawn always comes

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