A distant view

This morning I saw a blogging challenge that captured my imagination https://aroused.blog/2020/03/14/friday-fun-distant/

a distant view can open our mind/hearts
especially at this time of health concerns and panic

So please share your photos or creative “distant” views
on the positives that can result from this current unrest?


Last week a friend in Thailand sent me a link to an article he read in The Bangkok Post:-

“The rapid pace of deforestation, urbanisation and road building are major factors in the spread of infectious diseases across Asia, including the coronavirus, health and environment experts said on Wednesday.”


“Human health is connected to animal health, but also to the health of forests,” https://www.bangkokpost.com/

I was thinking about these ideas when I went for a walk in a lonely bush reserve yesterday. I took the photo below there then added the word at home on my computer.

After my walk I went to the supermarket to stock up as I have decided to self isolate because of underlying health issues. The supermarket was full of people doing exactly the same thing. The idea that we are experiencing a pandemic has swept into our collective psyche in much the same way as a major storm sweeps across the ocean. (I took the photo below a few years ago just as a big storm was about to make landfall.)

When I was in the supermarket a woman said to me; “Nothing like this has ever happened to us before.” She is completely right. We are in unknown territory now. None of us know where this is all going or what the outcomes will be. One unexpected side-effect is that people are beginning to re-discover older, quieter way of living that we’d forgotten about. In Italy people inside their houses are singing to each other across the empty streets. (I can remember that when I was a very young child a Swiss immigrant used to stand on his balcony yodel to a fellow countryman in a neighbouring street in much the same way that people in Italy are now singing). There are reports that people in Wuhan, China are hearing birds singing – something they thought didn’t happen in that crowded, frantic city. Suddenly, in the absence of traffic the sounds of nature are re-asserting themselves.

Who knows what will emerge in other parts of the world as more people self isolate. In my little world of friends and family I am hearing that people are doing things they’d all but forgotten about. I have started making my own bread. One of my daughters is preparing seeds to make her own sprouts. Others are return to handcrafts they used to do ages ago.

Swirling to us now – out of the mists of time – reconnection to an older, quieter and slower way of living.

14 thoughts on “A distant view

  1. I love your thoughts on re-discovering things we haven’t done in a while–like baking bread. That’s a lot better than watching endless reruns on TV. Like you, I have to believe there will be good things coming out of this pandemic. It reminds me of the AIDS epidemic in the early months and years. Stay well!

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    1. Yes, there are distinct similarities to the early years of the AIDS epidemic. The worry over here in Australia at present is that government is refusing to take the kinds of action that went a long way towards the reducing the numbers of deaths from AIDS over here.

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      1. I’m self isolating so I feel safe. My daughters are very worried as to whether they should send the kids to school or not. I hope the education department gives a clear directive very soon. I hope you have a safe place to be.

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      2. Yes, I do, Suzanne. Thanks. I like how you put that–self isolating to feel safe. I think it’s a combination of protecting yourself and others. It’s so hard to know what to do. We need our experts to guide us now more than ever. I hope your daughter’s school system makes the choice that protects the kids. Take care, Suzanne.

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