Self isolating

I’m in a risk of death from corona virus category. I read an internet post last night that said mostly old people were dying of it but that was ok because they were all conservative voters anyway. The gist seemed to be that getting rid of the old people would create a better world. Being an old hippy who has voted Green since the 1980s and was involved in many radical social and political movements since the 1970s I disagreed with the writer. I must be getting old and cranky for I disagree with a lot of what’s being said these days.

Self isolating is something I’ve been choosing to do for quite some time now. It suits me fine. I find it amusing that society is finally applauding my hermit tendencies.

At home I write, I journal, I make handmade books. Some books are light and breezy. Some are places were I contemplate life’s more complicated moments –

I make bread.

I make handmade objects that have personal meaning for me.

I spend a lot of time in nature. There I walk, look at the plants, birds, waterways and sky. I take photos that I sometimes post online.

I keep in touch with family via the phone and internet but lately I’m finding it easier to keep out of touch with much of the news and social media. After all, the main message they’re telling me at present is that I am at risk of dying. Gee whizz – do they honestly think I didn’t think of that before? I did ‘The Swedish Art of Death Clearing’ last year. My affairs are in order. I already know I will die one day. I don’t need to read it every time I go online.

This past week I have been going back and re-reading a journal I made a couple of years ago about the Buddhist concept of impermanence and the Japanese haiku tradition of writing a death poem.

Here’s one I wrote earlier (a few years back when I was into haiku).

Oh… and I wash my hands.

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40 thoughts on “Self isolating

  1. Your last line made me laugh. πŸ˜€ … the whole ‘old people are going to die and the rest of us will be OK’ had gotten really old (pun intended) really fast … and the pollies who use it to deflect from how they’ve dropped the ball earns them the Stare of Doom, every time I could be bothered watching/listening to them … which to be honest I haven’t been doing long before now. πŸ™‚ … be well, dear friend. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks Widds. We have a weird political situation here. The second in command behind the Prime Minister got diagnosed with Corona Virus yesterday evening. He’s in hospital but the official position is that he didn’t affect anyone until he got sick yesterday. Which is an odd position that is completely different from the way everyone else who gets the illness is being treated. One rule for the bosses and another for everyone else! I listened to a very alternate video today where the speaker took the line that this media hysteria about corona virus is deliberate. They (and the powers that tell them what to say) want us all to be in fear because it makes us easier to govern.

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      1. Unfortunately within our patriarchal system that does work, but only up to a point … I think they conveniently forget that when the fearful finally have had enough, then theirs will be the first heads to roll.

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  2. Your isolation is splendid in its creativity. You might as well start a business with that.

    The only thing I can say in response to that mercenary remark, that this intolerance and hatred is being nurtured in other countries too. Votes become paramount.

    Thanks for joining in, Suzanne!

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  3. I read your work via a re-post from Reena Saxeena. I enjoy your writing very much. Clear and direct. I appreciate your having gotten ready for the future and now don’t need or want to be reminded of your so-called precarious situation. I qualify as well for at-risk for the virus. I haven’t taken the wise steps you have and also don’t want to hear about the danger anymore. Your work teaches us to be ready for two responses: to be cared for specially or avoided thoughtlessly.

    To your good health!

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  4. Love, love,love this, my dear!! You are a very creative soul and far from EVER being conservative. I hate how some lump all 60 somethings in the same boat. I do not have TV or cable but stream movies and watch a lot of decorate videos on Youtube but lately I am bombarded with too much on this virus…and I don’t want my life to be tainted with fear 24/7.
    So the universe helped or cursed me this morning with problems with my shower leaking on my downstairs’ neighbour (talk about introducing myself to my new neighbour…and my new condo). So I will concentrate on that now…which may cost me a lot $$$ but rather than my days peppered in fear, it will be seasoned with decor, choices and renovation.

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    1. Great to hear from you Cheryl-Lynn. It sounds like your life has changed drastically since we last spoke. So you bought as condo! How awful about the leaks. I hope the costs don’t blow out. I will look for your blog if you still post links on FB. Sounds like we have some catching up to do 😊


  5. mm

    Well done. I’m an oldie too and your creativity is really inspiring. I take refuge in nature these days. Having a chronic condition for the past few years and living alone means that self-isolation is not a fearsome prospect … though I do acknowledge my dependence on online grocery deliveries, and all those people who make these deliveries possible, if a strict lockdown is going to be recommended here in the UK for those of us who are 70+. All the very best to you.

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    1. Yes I saw that proposal for a UK lockdown of over 70s. It’s extreme but given how crazy it is out there right now maybe it wouId be a blessing in disguise. I’m in Australia. I saw online last night that supermarkets are makIng provisiIn to deliver and leave the shopping at the door. I agree nature is a great solace and the onlIne connect is vital. Stay safe 😊


  6. So with you on this one Suzanne. I too am now “elderly” as are my younger brothers (ha ha on them!!), as are most of my friends. Sixty???? Really ???? These are truly crazy times. Good on you for finding creative ways to approach them. Here in our little corner of the world we are surrounded by nature and now is a wonderful time to take advantage of it. That’s my plan anyway – as a photographer social isolation suits me just fine πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh gosh – 60 is still young πŸ™‚ I’ve got a good ten years on you. How lovely to able to really spend time concentrating on your photography in nature. I look forward to seeing some of the results.

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      1. Oh no, I WISH I was 60!!! I meant that the β€œpowers that be” are now calling 60 the threshold for β€œelderly”. I’m 68, fortunately healthy and very active. Elderly is not a word I would use to describe myself!


      2. I’m 71. Not as healthy as I’d like to be though due to thyroid issues. I won’t use the word elderly either but it seems the standard description now!


  7. Thank you for such wonderful post.
    My son has given strict instructions to me about staying at home, not for me but for the vulnerable people, old or young. The ones who donot have anyone to help them. The only way we could help them is by isolating ourselves.

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    1. Yep – I’m in the position. I live alone and need to stay home because of age and a compromised immune system. I’ll write a follow post on self isolating over the next few days Take care.


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