At the Waterfall

In a torrent it comes –
a crashing, thundering waterfall
of change
washing away old certainities.

The water is muddied –
the sludge, the toxins and
the pollutants of this system
are being flushed to the surface.

What can we hold onto now?
The shore is a slippery slope
crumbling under the pressure.

Fear is coming to the surface
– ancient complexes
of not being good enough
or clever enough
to have a voice
swirl in the wild waters.

The cultural programming
that patriarchal capitalism is right
and mighty
– the supreme force on earth –
still controls our minds
yet it is that very force
that got us into this mess.
It is that very energy that muddied
Gaia’s pristine waters.

If we step back from the raging torrent,
if we face our fears,
if we retreat within
to find peace
and gather strength
we can break free
and come together
to clear the muddied waters.
We can create the world anew.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

9 thoughts on “At the Waterfall

      1. True. I think I’m haunted by chauvinism. My dad was a real tryant who bullied me into doing what he said. Recent events have bought it up again all these years later. I say what I think while quaking in my boots 😁 Slowly getting clearer!


      2. Such early conditioning runs deep and takes a lot of overcoming… but I tell myself that whilever I allow past events to shape me to ‘their’ model, I am still permitting the behaviours that put me in that postion πŸ˜‰

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