A change of perspective

“We need a powerful new story that we are a part of nature and not separate from it.”

digital photo mosaic – on the rocks

Everything is connected to everything else. There are no firm boundaries in the real; they exist only through our attempts to categorize everything. The evolution of one species impacts the evolution of others; natural resources are created and re-cycled in multiple ways, and we are just beginning to understand that the biosphere is a complex system whose elements are other complex systems.” http://braungardt.trialectics.com/sciences/biology/ecology/

digital photo mosaic – the forest floor

“There are no individuals in a forest, no separable events. The bird and the branch it sits on are a joint thing. A third or more of the food a big trees makes may go to feed other organisms. Even different kinds of trees form partnersbhips. Cut down a birch, and a nearby Douglas fir may suffer…” from -“The Overstory”, a novel by Richard Powers.

digital photo mosaic – in the treetops

“As we break away from the old story of hyper-individualism, unrestrained growth, control and consumption, we move to a new story of human realization. Ultimately, this new story reveals that by making peace with ourselves and each other, we gain the capacity to make peace with Earth, delighting in the realization that Earth is our larger body, the sacred whole that we dwell within.” https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781442218321/Developing-Ecological-Consciousness-The-End-of-Separation-Second-Edition

digital photo mosaic – in the wetlands

This post was inspired by the prompt https://pilotfishblog.com/2020/02/29/lens-artists-photo-challenge-86-change-your-perspective/

20 thoughts on “A change of perspective

  1. Beautiful post, Suzanne–in both words and images. The mosaics are beautiful. I imagine them blown up to a large size and printed on a metallic surface. They’d look fabulous! You combine them beautifully to form a new composite “whole.”

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  2. You’ve chosen the perfect way to demonstrate perspectives Suzanne – and gave us a full helping of nature’s best along the way. Beautifully done. And I love that you included a quote from one of my favorite books, Powers’ The Overstory. I thought it was wonderful

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