The Way Back is the Way Forward

Lately I have been fascinated by the stories and archetypal meanings of ancient gods, goddesses, heroes and wise women.

One such being I became particularly fascinated this week was the Celtic and pre-Celtic mythic woman known as Elen of the Ways or Elen of the Hosts. An even older name she bears is Elen of the Leys.

Elen traces her roots back through Norse and Slavic mythology to the original reindeer shamans of the far northern lands of the Arctic circle. Many of these shaman were female. They wore headresses made of reindeer antlers for the reindeer herd is led along the ancient migratory track ways by an older female reindeer.

Symbolically deer antlers can be seen as representing renewal, restoration, regeneration and rebirth.

In ancient Britain Elen of the Ways was the protector and guardian of the leys – the energetic pathways that are said to connect the standing stones of neolithic times to each other. Many believe the ley lines of the British Isles connect into the larger energetic grids that flow between ancient sacred sites across the globe.

As an archetype Elen can be seen as the guardian of the sacred pathways – a guide who comes to us in dreams, meditations and intuitive imaginings to lead us back to those ancient understandings of humanity’s connection to the natural world and the inter-connection of all life. Perhaps through awakening these ancient knowings we can find our way forward to the regeneration and renewal of the planet.

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Post inspired by Sue Vincent’s #WritePhoto prompt:

13 thoughts on “The Way Back is the Way Forward

  1. wonderful post!! I love archetypes. I have been exploring some of my more ancient dna connections to Iceland. I’ve always loved the lore. I wrote a much more mundane post about Scandinavian Scotland previous to the one you just visited.

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    1. Thank you very much. I enjoyed your selkie post and will take a look at the other one when I have time tomorrow. Your selkie came into my morning meditation – I think it will turn into a blog post here but if not I’ll write what came through on your blog – sometime in this coming week. 🙂

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